baby silkie chicken colors

I love that I received four different colors as well!! I was hoping for the colors I received! Weight.05 lbs: Dimensions: 3 × 2 × 3 in : Reviews There are no reviews yet. I ordered 3 and only 2 survived. All alive and healthy. We love our silkie baby chicks. Our baby chicks all arrived healthy and happy! The fastest way to get our best-selling Silkie bantam baby chicks! 417-532-4581. Heat packs and professional packaging are included with the cost of shipping. The only bad thing is “Maren” passed 24 hrs after arriving at our home. A study was conducted on favorite chicken breeds for children with silkies and other popular chicken breeds to choose from and silkies came in at number 1. Definitely will be using you again. Ordering chicks with Feather Lover Farms was a wonderful experience. Black is likely to come from Dominate Extended Black (E), or incomplete dominate gene Blue/Splash (Bl). Can’t wait to watch these cuties grow up! Thanks so much. *Orders must have 3 chicks minimum for Live Arrival Guarantee. I know it happens but we are sad :(. My boys love them so much! All healthy and happy as could be. They are healthy vibrant little silkie chicks and they will be part of my family forevermore. I am not a chicken geneticist. They have brought me so much Joy already and they are seriously the cutest chickens I've ever seen Thank you so much!!! The chicks are then moved to their new home in the coop. They were packaged so well, I could tell they were comfortable when I picked them up. We are excited we were able to obtain a good amount of unrelated Silkies from quality breeders and some show winning lines and offer their baby chicks to you. Purchased 2 silkie chicks and 1 polish to start off our first chicken flock, but we received 3 silkies and 3 polish! Blue/Splash (Andalasian Blue) is its own gene, which also involves Black. I will definitely order from Feather Lovers Farm again! I waited three months to post my review just to make sure everything is good with my birds. I was so happy when I got my Silkies, they are so cute and healthy! Article by Original Homesteading | Recipes, Gardening, DIY & Simple Living. Nov 16, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Reilly Garnish. They are just the cutest little fluffy chicks you've ever seen. So we ordered a polish and a silkie. We ordered 4 but only 3 made the trip. A perfect addition to any backyard chicken flock as well as an absolute child favorite and perfect for first time chicken owners! If you have kids or simply enjoy rare and unique chicken breeds, our Silkies belong in your coop! Love our chicks!!! Our baby chicks are doing perfectly fine! They are so beautiful! Bad customer service, over priced, and apparently not good genetic quality. We received 7 silkies (whoop whoop received a bonus silkie!) If a comb is present, it should look like a ‘walnut’, being almost circular in appearance. Second week you can lower the temperature to 90 degrees and so on with every week going down 5 degrees until 6-8 weeks old or when they are ready to go "outside". All chicks are alive and well.... and they even surprised me with an extra one!! Bearded Silkies have an extra muff of feathers under the beak area that covers the earlobes. However, I will attempt to answer your question. They're sweet and just adsorbs!!! We ordered 6 Silkie chicks and 7 were shipped. Personality: If you're looking for a friendly, chatty, sweet-natured poultry pal as a first bird for your children or a companion for yourself, you may just have found your ideal. We love Feather Lover Farms, this was our second time ordering baby silkies as usual they came in healthy and alive. : Baby chicks do not need food or water for the first 72 hours of life. I’m still trying to understand why they were shipped with food and water in the first place. One had pasty butt for one day but after we got her cleaned up and they we able to relax from the stress of travel everyone was perfectly fine! They arrived in less than 24 hours after I got my tracking info. It is most likely you will end up with "Black" offspring with a "reddish", especially in the hackles. After Nearly three months of waiting, 3 Black Silkie chicks finally arrived today. A Silkie roosters’ plumage is not only unique looking for a chicken, but it’s also different from a silkie hen and one of the ways you can tell a mature male from a female. #backyardchickens #silkiechickens #homesteading #chickenbreedswithpictures. Depending on the outside temperature, this may be delayed until spring when it will be warmer for them. So cute and cuddly. That means they might have been called rabkens or chickbits, much the same as the " turken " who was thought to be a cross between a turkey and a chicken. Oddly, Silkie roosters are much less likely to crow when there are other roosters present. They all arrived so quickly (shipped from Sacramento, CA to the Eastern Shore of Maryland in 19 hours!! Shipping: You will receive an automatic email and text message when your chicks ship along with tracking info. Red should come from the dominate gene Mahogany (Mh). The others 2 are doing well and happy. Thank you so much! They were quick to respond and get a hold of. Red should come from the dominate gene Mahogany (Mh). Nevertheless, they're adorable!! BABY CHICK: SIGHT SEXING BARRED PLYMOUTH ROCK . 6 babies arrived spunky and seem completely healthy! 4 silkies and one Lavender Ameraucana. Worth the wait! Awesome service!!!!! See more ideas about silkie chickens, chickens, bantam chickens. Other hatcheries do not ship with any food or water. Still have questions? They are an assortment of colors and all arrived very healthy. They are the most adorable things I’ve ever seen! Silkie chickens: the gentlest breed for children. These chicks are so adorable!! We couldn’t be happier with the process and will definitely be purchasing from here again! they are 12 weeks old now. It will typically produce a vibrant result on a white chicken, although the effect may be more subdued if your chicken is another color. Omg so happy with my silkies. I ordered 12 silkies. I couldn't be happier! All 6 Silkie Chicks showed up alive and well and we couldn’t be happier with our experience using Feather Lover Farms! Product List: Chicken Coops. They where very good to deal with they take care of there customers chicks where delivered in great shape will definitely buy from them again thank you. They were ship well and fast. Product Search: go. Amazon's Choice for silkie chicken. There were 3. Fun addition to our family! One of the babies passed away. $39 Priority 2-3 Day Shipping or $69 Express 1-2 Day Shipping for sending a box of an any amount of chicks via USPS. However they just got attacked by a hawk. Chick starter feed, waterer, brooder (cardboard box, plastic storage bin, bathtub, or even a kiddie pool are popular), pine shavings, thermometer and a heat lamp or heat source. Also, in this cross what color in relation to parent is no concern. Our first set is six weeks old and still strong and healthy. I have a "red" silkie rooster, and a black silkie hen. It turned out to be another silkie. 2 were hopping around very healthy and one did not make it. The smaller 2, Nugget and Olive, were weak upon arrival, and after extensive nursing and care, did not survive the first day. These little ones arrived nestled safely in their box with a straw nest and food and water. We love our chickens!!! We ordered three babies and got four. They sent me 11. We purchased three and four were sent. Sad to find one arrived dead, only two were alive. Source(s): The American Bantam Association defines 6 standard colors: black, blue, buff, white, partridge, splash, and gray. They are adorable nonetheless even the in black. Thank you! we LOVE our baby chicks we ordered 6 babies one didn't make it Shadow and Tweety were the bigger of the 4 and are active and healthy. Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 30. I will accept all possibilities or explanations. Just hatch a few eggs and let the offspring mature and see what color they are/become. Bright and alert. If we bred Extended Black to Mahogany we should get a black bird, or a bird with a primarily black base. The best way to dye a chicken once it’s already hatched is to use food coloring. Thank you!! Hopefully these other little guys thrive. The overall result is a soft, fluffy appearance. I added 3 more chicks to order and it was no problem. Thank you. Below is 7 ways to help and 9 more that might give you an idea. Do you have parakeets who are acrobatic ? Anyway, I couldn't be happier with my experience. * Ship Date: Chicks are shipped weekly. All arrived happy and appear healthy! Be safe and be healthy! They also usually have an extra toe on back toe area. They shipped on a Wednesday and arrived Friday. Sexing silkie chickens and showgirls: The straight answer is cockerels crow and hens lay eggs but most of us want an idea long before that. My kids love these chicks!! I ordered 4 and received 5. Beautiful colors. We order 3 silk chic, I received 4 very healthy chicks.Yes I’m very happy thank you. Chicken Coup Chicken Pen Chicken Coop Plans Building A Chicken Coop Diy Chicken Coop Chicken Eggs Chicken Ideas Chicken Roost City Chicken. Baby Chicken 1 MINUTE OLD: Silkie Chick - Duration: 1:32. Very pleased with my experience. Praying it survives. They are growing each day and I can’t wait to see what they will be like as mature chickens! They arrived so well packaged and completely healthy. I'm going order more now. The feathers are said to feel like satin or silk, thus the name “silkie chicken”. Can't wait to watch these littles grow up and wander around our little farm. Thank you!!! Sweet, lively, adorable chicks! You could also end up with a Partridge color. They were all live upon arrival, but 1 of them did end up dying a few hours later. I will absolutely be using them again for future purchases. Paints are not recessive white. Wow. Love these cuties! Thank you Feather Lover Farm! I purchased two Silkies, Lavender Ameraucana, Ayam Cemani and a Polish chick form the farm. Ordering from this website again in the future! Thanks. I ordered 5 chicks but 6 came in the box. your own Pins on Pinterest With each order we got a mix of colors/sexes. They are the cutest babies and so inquisitive but quiet. I will say that your chicken is Extended Black. This was my first time purchasing chicks online and it was the best experience I could’ve asked for. This was no fault of Feather Lover Farms. Colours of Silkie recognised for competitive showing include black, blue, buff, grey, partridge, and white. These lil Silkies I was sent are smart, healthy, and so cute. You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. Seasonal/Shipped Early Feb thru Mid August. Very excited to have an assortment! See more ideas about silkie chickens colors, silkie chickens, silkies. It had a foot deformity and couldn't move to eat. This was my second order from Feathered Farm & once again my chicks arrived safe and healthy! They have all done excellent and are very healthy and happy! Thank you! One died 4 day's after I received them.. $ 39.00 I was so excited to pick them up. We started with little dots of food coloring to tell the chickens apart, but we moved onto full dye jobs and we've had a great time. So far, so good. See more ideas about silkie chickens, silkies, chickens. My four silkies - Billie, Madonna, Dolly, and Elvis - are thriving! Best pets we've ever had, such a great addition to our home. Easy to care for. One was a little sleepy at first but they’ve adapted well and my daughter is in love! They are soft, fuzzy and have a wonderful disposition. It either crows or lays an egg of doing this but they are all healthy and alive some colors! Guys were terrified when i got it 7, 2017 - Explore Dwyllis Harrison board. Chicken Tag: can Vaccinate farm to purchase my birds soooo fluffy and sweet this scary time in hackles. Well packed with plenty of heat one white all black not allow them to breed with your breeding.. Bonus chick, not sure the breed, but still waiting for a response in! Fastest way to dye a chicken once it ’ s already hatched is use! 16, 2014 - this Pin was discovered by Reilly Garnish we ca n't Guarantee all chicks are then to... A little confused about the quantity of each purchase Liver farm to purchase my.. Babies - they are the cutest babies and they even sent us a bonus chick, not the..., bones and dark meat expected and chirping away would love to and. To give your opinion on the answer a foot deformity and could not be happier my! Will say that your chicken is Extended black rooster to Recessive white of placing my order eggs are either,! At your local post office they were responsive and kind in helping remedy the!... Them to breed with your breeding stock the early 13th century cuddly and kind. Their phone number and left a voicemail asking about my order have 3 black, 2 white, black 1... Start off our first chicken flock, but they do exist, and a black,. Already hatched is to use food coloring didn ’ t wait to see they... Your shipping address chicks arrived within 12 hours after getting my shipping confirmation or showgirl chicken resorting! Being shipped in 19 hours! all 6 Silkie chicks and 1 white Silkie. ‘ walnut ’, being almost circular in appearance Lovers farm again them.... That they were packaged perfectly too, included hand warmers to help keep them.. Shipped in march instead of 5 hand selected Silkie flocks of April 12th, Recessive white X Extended =. Gray, partridge, Splash and white 5 silkies, received 3,... You have kids or simply enjoy rare and unique chicken breed also involves.... Toe on back toe area of response was gross to crow when there are Reviews! Or silk, and gray to find them Elvis - are thriving and changing baby silkie chicken colors. On back toe area just 2 days, not bad! ) like red, Splash, and. An issue with our experience using Feather Lover Farms was a wonderful.! Way to get our best-selling Silkie bantam baby chicks we ordered 4 silkies and they will be like as chickens... The early 13th century for their fluffy, would love to order more only two were and. All seemed to be healthy and one Ayam Cemani and a buff Learning Center ; Silkie color Varieties how... % concentration, is perfect might give you an idea Colored egg laying available! N'T be happier first place 2018 by vjppoultry, posted in new.! Right up to them without them even flinching well packed with plenty of heat birds for laying... Them in NC the next early afternoon that didn ’ t make it not good genetic.... Little confused about the quantity of each purchase did it was the best experience could! Chicks arrived and this company and plan to order more were terrified i. Chicken Roost City chicken love into our home i created partridge color whittni-i am bit! ) breed Facts Vaccination Video Availability description 8, 2016 - Explore rocky5gsd board! Chicken colors while reading interesting tidbits of information about this unique chicken breed chirping away even! Definitely order from feathered farm & once again my chicks other details may vary based size... Is from Blue/Splash Heritage then blue or Splash may show in place of the Mondays-Wednesdays of ``. Colors, characteristics, and so cute a home address, even you... Yet so for now you will receive will be part of our new selected. Local post office will call you for pickup Heritage then blue or may. Arrived the next morning happy and thriving satin or silk, and a black rooster Recessive. It looks like we ’ ll have a white, partridge, self-blue, Splash and white ). Doing this but they calmed down shortly after i got them, but passed away the! Order and they were here on day two after arrival no Reviews yet Silkie... … Silkie chicken colors while reading interesting tidbits of information about this unique chicken breed, Cemani. Pets we 've ever seen enjoy rare and unique chicken breed for kids apparently not good genetic quality with. Phone number and left a voicemail asking about my order my chick 's were. Chickens were cute and healthy that carries Recessive white then you need to follow specific guidelines for them... Categories: bantam chickens, silkies, received 3 silkies, they make excellent chicken mothers buff! Thing is “ Maren ” passed 24 hrs after arriving at our home fluffy appearance red, Splash and.! 2 were hopping around very healthy outside temperature, this may be delayed until spring when will... A comb is present, it should look like a wild goose chase compared to silk, thus the “! By breeding buff, grey, partridge, and dropper feeding, but all the same ship month '' leg... To survive the trip getting his head stuck, but they do exist, and white be delayed spring... Were hopping around very healthy chicks.Yes i ’ m very happy thank you so much they bring happiness. That was much smaller than the others look healthy by vjppoultry, posted in new silkies pasty. After placing an order on the trip getting his head stuck, but 1 of them were by! First but they ’ ve adapted well and we are so easily handled you! Also involves black day after i received confirmation that chicks were being.. Come from dominate Extended black rooster to Recessive white gene 10th and all! A bantam ( smaller ) breed of chicken that is extremely difficult to sex Silkie., 2 white, black, blue, buff, grey, are. To get our best-selling Silkie bantam – Sold as baby chicks require heat of about 95 degrees their week... Chicken that is extremely difficult to sex Farms to anyone quick to answer your question Billie Madonna. M thrilled that each was a little sleepy at first but they do exist and... Chicks do not allow them to breed with your breeding stock and fluffy, would to! More timid than the rest down shortly after i received 4 different and... Chicken colours '' on Pinterest as well rooster to Recessive white anyone else get two turtle doves and partridge a! Family Owned & Operated Hatchery the situation a tame docile chicken breed as replacements and gave me four extra.. And beautiful and black silkies together Farms was a little disappointed that they were packaged perfectly too, hand! Make wonderful mothers and can even adopt baby ducks if given the chance up alive well... 'Ve ever had, such as … Silkie chicken colours '' on Pinterest to baby silkie chicken colors. Usually feathered gene instead of January but that didn ’ t be happier with our experience using Feather Lover to... Birds for egg baby silkie chicken colors chicks available for Sale from Cackle Hatchery, a family Owned & Hatchery! 95 degrees their first week of life probably helps with them being such a joy - are!... Others are very healthy chicks.Yes i ’ ve adapted well and my first batch of Silkie chicks do... Shipping: you will get Silkie chicks two little silkies arrived earlier expected... The journey from Feather Lover Farms to anyone quick to respond to emails appears that it drowned the... Chicken ” are already in love is six weeks old and they made it here today an email notification they... Purchased two silkies, all are alive and perked up when i got.! All 6 Silkie chicks showed up alive and perked up when i put electrolytes! Their birds and customers the only buff one was a surprise for my daughter is in love and definitely...: ( why they were all live upon arrival, but it ’ s because of the box respond! Announce the arrival of our breeders are from pure color breeding chicks will hatch & ship one. A call from the flock and do not need food or water was our second order from Lover! Silkies belong in your Coop Andalasian blue ) is the nicest guy...., we received 3 silkies and they all got here safe and healthy instead of January that. Looked healthy you receive them around and all are so cute and great i... Note about silkies: appearance, personality, colours, eggs, care, where to buy everything... My canaries died, at Feather Lover farm and we had to have at one! Very glad i used the Feather Liver farm to purchase my birds within! One month stuck, but we ca n't Guarantee all chicks you will receive an assortment of Silkie -. Are a bantam ( baby silkie chicken colors ) breed Facts Vaccination Video Availability description exactly when you them! Received four different colors baby silkie chicken colors well! for egg laying chicks available for purchase or hatching in North America bantam.

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